The aim of this website is to make you an even better chemistry teacher. The focus of what you will find here is primarily for those teaching chemistry in Scotland and with the teaching of Curriculum for Excellence and SQA curricula.

You will find resources to help you improve your practice, and you will also find out details of upcoming Planned in Scotland for Teachers in Scotland CPD events organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry/Edinburgh Napier University (as well as recordings of previous events).

How to use this site:

  1. Reflect on your practice and identify an aspect of your teaching that you’d like to develop
  2. Go to the Improve Your Practice section and you’ll find some professional reading in your identified area. This will improve your professional knowledge & understanding in this area.
  3. Use your new knowledge to plan a new strategy or approach for your classroom.
  4. Try out the new strategy/approach and adapt as necessary for your own class/classroom. This will develop your professional skills and abilities.
  5. Reflect on the impact. Has your change in practice had a positive impact on your pupils? How do you know?