Recommended Books

If you want to read more than a blog/article to develop your teaching practice, the following books will help in developing your chemistry teaching…

Teaching Secondary Science: A Complete Guide by Adam Boxer. A fantastic resource to support you in reflecting on your practice and further improve.

Making Every Science Lesson Count by Shaun Allison. Excellent book with lots of easy to implement strategies to improve teaching & learning in your classroom.

Foundations for Teaching Chemistry: Chemistry knowledge for teaching by Keith Taber. This book will help you take your chemistry knowledge and think about how to present it as teachable content.

Chemical Misconceptions – two books by Prof. Keith Taber. Book one explores the sources of misconceptions, and book two contains excellent resources for diagnosing and challenging pupils’ misconceptions (individual chapters can be downloaded for free).

Beyond Appearances: Students misconceptions about basic chemical ideas by Vanessa Kind. A very useful read examining pupils’ misconceptions in chemical concepts, and how we can address these (free download form RSC).

Teaching Secondary Chemistry by Vanessa Kind and Katherine Aston. Strategies for teaching a variety of concepts in chemistry.